A brilliant quick win we can all use…

A quick win, let’s get some quick wins, we need a quick win. Sound familiar? We seem to be surrounded by apparently well meaning people around us scrambling round for quick wins, sucking us into seemingly endless cycles of short-termism.

Well hears my quick win; let’s stop looking for quick wins. Let’s start to deal with our destructive addiction to instant solutions and quick fixes, let’s be brave and look at the bigger picture. And let’s encourage others around us to take a step back from the day to day, to consider the opportunity cost of focusing all their attention and emotion on the here and now.

So next time you hear someone, including yourself, using the words quick win, ask yourself if it’s really just a short-term distraction from a longer-term issue; chances are it will be.  And if you’re still tempted to follow the urge for instant gratification, ask if any of the world’s great buildings were built by putting down bricks one at a time, or by enabling people to work to a bigger plan?


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