Lest we forget…

…today, August the 04th, is the day when Europe remembers its entry into the First World War. And it’s easy and convenient to let the act of remembrance become something that we let the representatives of the state lead us in, Presidents, Prime-Ministers, MPs, Lords, Generals, Councillors, the Church, Royal Families and of course the media all come together to collectively convince us that they have learned. I can’t help feeling that it would be more meaningful if they took the opportunity to ask our forgiveness for the collective behaviour they display which seems to lead the human race into such perilous situations time after time. Where were those weapons of mass destruction again Tony?

But remembering such occasions should not be left for these bodies and individuals to perform on any single given day. The only real and meaningful act of remembrance that these people and institutions should offer is for them to consistently behave and perform in a manner that is worthy and fitting of the sacrifice that was made and of the expectations we have of them; to be transparent and upright in their dealings. And the act of remembrance that the public should offer is to hold them to account to make sure that they do.


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